Staying safe in the heat

Staying safe in the heat

Over the next few days we are expecting a significant increase in temperature. Although most of us welcome the summer sun, high temperatures can be harmful to your health. The heat can affect anyone, but some people run a greater risk of serious harm.

Many of those who are at risk of harm from heat are also at greater risk of severe illness due to COVID-19. They may need to spend more time at home than they would usually. Others may need to stay at home because they are self-isolating or recovering from the infection. Many people are now working from home.

However there are actions you can take to keep yourself safe from excessive heat.

There are some easy tips you can follow to stay safe in hot weather, including how to keep your home cool. You can also find out who is at greatest risk of ill health from the heat, how to recognise when you or someone’s health may be affected, and what to do if you or someone else becomes unwell as a result of the heat here.

You can also help others who may be affected by the heat. These are:

  • Stay cool at home - look out for others safely by following COVID-19 guidance
  • Drink plenty of fluids and avoid excess alcohol
  • Slow down when it is hot
  • Go indoors or outdoors, whichever feels cooler
  • Self-isolate at home if advised to do so
  • Use cool spaces considerately, keep your distance if others not in your household are there
  • Be on the lookout for signs of heat-related illness. These include heat stroke and heat exhaustion.

Find out more on how to stay safe in a heatwave .
You can also get an easy read guide of information on how to keep yourself safe in a heatwave.

If you need non-emergency medical help visit NHS111 online

For free medical advice for any non-emergency 24 hours a day use NHS111 online https://digital.nhs.uk/services/nhs-111-online or call NHS 111

Advice and guidance on coronavirus (COVID-19) is available on the Government website. https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus

Public Health England has also put together a checklist for identifying and managing indoor overheating

Healthy Minds (West Essex) Working together to improve mental health in Essex

Healthy Minds (West Essex) Working together to improve mental health in Essex

Are you finding it difficult to cope? It’s normal to feel stressed, anxious or low in mood. One in four people will experience problems with their mental health during their lives. It’s important to remember if you are struggling that help is available.

Support available in west Essex includes:

Healthy Minds (West Essex IAPT)

Talking Therapies
Healthy Minds continue to provide free support for adults with common mental health problems. They offer a range of innovative digital, video and telephone based talking therapies which you can conveniently access remotely. During treatment sessions they will share practical techniques in a supporting environment which can help you to boost your wellbeing, relax, manage worry, improve sleep and manage stressful situations.

Treatment options are based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) which is a structured therapy where you will set goals you want to reach and work on changes you can make to patterns of thoughts and behaviours to help you attain your goals. Appointment times are flexible and digital platforms can be accessed 24/7.

This FREE service is available to all patients registered with a GP practice in west Essex (Harlow, Epping Forest and Uttlesford) and is open to people aged 14 and over.

If you think you would benefit from this service the first step is to talk to Healthy Minds to find out how they can best help you. You can self-refer to Healthy Minds without seeing your GP by visiting: www.northessexiapt.nhs.uk/west-essex

A range of self-help resources and guides to support your mental health and wellbeing are available for free on the Healthy Minds website: www.northessexiapt.nhs.uk/west-essex/self-help


Online Mental Health Support
If you are looking for extra support with your mental health you can log on to SilverCloud - a free secure online self-help programme that is proven to help with anxiety, stress and depression. The programme consists of informative and interactive modules which you can complete at your own pace to help improve your wellbeing.

The self-help modules are easy to use with interactive tools and activities to help you think better, manage your life and live well. The goal of each module is for you to take the
information and techniques learned – and to start applying them in your day-to-day life.

A therapist from Healthy Minds (West Essex IAPT) will support you through the SilverCloud programme and will provide guidance and encouragement via regular reviews.

You can log on and start using the platform anytime. Access is free and no GP referral is required: https://wesessex.silvercloudhealth.com/signup/

Benefits of Talking Therapies 2020

Mobile COVID-19 test site visits Harlow next week

Harlow Football Club will host a mobile testing site for COVID-19 next week.

The site will be open for pre-booked appointments on Tuesday 12 May, Wednesday 13 May and Thursday 14 May between 10.30am to 4pm each day.

The site is being supported by colleagues from the military and is accessible to those who meet the COVID-19 testing criteria and strictly by appointment only – booked through the national gov.uk website.

Anyone wanting to be tested must:

  • Meet the eligibility criteria – see the gov.uk website
  • Pre-book an appointment – via the gov.uk website
  • Travel to the centre by car – i.e. not on foot or by public transport

The sites are open to symptomatic people who are:

  • Key workers/their household members who have symptoms
  • People aged 65 and over/their household members who have symptoms
  • Those that are currently having to travel to work who fall outside of the key worker group, and their household members who have symptoms

Testing should be carried out in the first three days of developing symptoms and not after day five.

Mobile testing will also be carried out at:

  • Clacton Leisure Centre         Monday  11 May and Tuesday 12 May
  • Rayleigh Leisure Centre        Wednesday 13 May, Thursday 14 May and Friday 15 May

It’s hoped more mobile testing sites will appear across Essex in the near future.

Tests are also being offered at the national site at Stansted and by way of home delivery kits – which again should be booked through the gov.uk website.

Further updates will be shared when information becomes available.

Further information about eligibility and to book a test visit www.gov.uk/apply-coronavirus-test 

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