West Essex Workforce and Training Hub

What is the West Essex Workforce and Training Hub?

West Essex Workforce and Training Hubs are a new way of developing the workforce (particularly the community) in response to today’s health agenda.
  • They form a networked arrangement of service and education providers within a specified geographical area
  • Their purpose is to deliver a workforce to meet the health needs of the population it serves
  • They connect employers across a locality with Health Education England and Higher Education Institutes 

The West Essex Workforce and Training Hub has 5 main responsibilities:

  • Workforce Planning
  • Training and Education
  • Growing your own staff
  • Future sustainability
  • Collaboration 

Aims of the West Essex Workforce and Training Hub 

  • Provide a system-wide co-ordinated approach to delivering an integrated multi-professional workforce able to best meet the needs of the local population including anticipating future new models of care delivery
  • Enable local leadership for workforce development, education and a new way of organising the management of learning in primary care
  • Oversee and deliver key performance indicators agreed with HEE and provide local oversight of the STP workforce strategy
  • Provide strong clinical leadership working with member practices, GP federations, HEE and key commissioning and provider partners to promote collaboration and drive local leadership in respect of:
  • Increasing recruitment and retention
  • Increasing training and supported learning capacity
  • Increasing mentorship capacity and capability
  • Developing inter-professional education
  • Understanding the workforce profile to inform current and future planning
  • Building strong links with local universities to influence curriculum development and education modules to meet emerging new models of care