Maternity Voices Partnership

Welcome to the Maternity Voices Partnership.

If you're a parent-to-be or a new parent, we are interested in your views and would like to invite you to find out more about your local Maternity Voices Partnership. The role of the group is to gather insight into how well maternity services are working locally by talking to new parents and their families.

This ensures that parents' voices are heard and put at the heart of decisions about maternity care.

The West Essex Maternity Voices Partnership is an independent committee of local user representatives and healthcare professionals whose aim is to:

Act as a channel for passing on the views of people who use West Essex maternity services to those who provide them bring together anyone who has an interest in the maternity services provided within West Essex act as a link between agencies providing maternity related services to local people monitor the services that are being provided to expectant and new parents and recommend changes and improvements where these are needed.

In particular, we listen to and speak for people who use maternity services in the west Essex area, and we’d really like to hear what you think about your maternity care – before, during and after your baby’s birth. What you tell us will help in shaping local maternity services now and for the future.

What does the Maternity Voices Partnership do?

The Maternity Voices Partnership is an independent group which advises the NHS organisations in west Essex on all aspects of maternity care. It brings together those who use the services and the people who plan and deliver them, in order to bring about improvements and to ensure that the views of parents are taken into account.

Which area is covered by the West Essex Maternity Voices Partnership?

West Essex covers Epping Forest, Harlow and Uttlesford districts. The Maternity Voices Partnership works towards improving maternity services both within west Essex and also in neighbouring maternity units used by the west Essex population.

Who are the members?

Maternity Voices Partnership members include parents, midwives, supervisors of midwives, GPs, obstetricians, health visitors, NHS commissioners and providers of services, representatives from voluntary organisations and patient representation groups.

We are currently looking for new user representatives to join the Maternity Voices Partnership, so if you are a parent and would be interested in shaping maternity services please contact Jacqui Featherstone (Associate Director of Nursing / Head of Midwifery) for more information.