Support Princess Alexandra Hospital becoming smoke free in October

smoke free banner

The smoke free team at Princess Alexandra Hospital are asking for your views on becoming smoke free across the site. Although the initiative was introduced a few years ago, with full board backing and support from staff, the team hope to bring this into force by the Autumn.

A smoke free site will mean no smoking will be permitted on the hospital grounds with a four-week engagement exercise launched this week seeking views.  The hospital is keen to listen to thoughts of those who live or work near the hospital, patients and families as well as any other members of the public who wish to have their say.

Dr Samir Naik, Respiratory Consultant, Princess Alexandra Hospital said: “The harmful effect of smoking and second hand smoke is well documented. The proposal to make Princess Alexandra Hospital smoke free is a positive step towards creating a healthier environment on our site for all.”

Princess Alexandra Hospital would like to address the ongoing concerns from staff, visitors and patients that smoking close to the main entrance is both unhealthy and unpleasant. Complaints have also been received regarding the amount of litter from discarded cigarette stubs.   

As well as making the site smoke free, the trust will encourage and support individuals who want to stop smoking by providing support to give up for good.   

Anyone wanting to share their views can do so through the online survey available on the Survey Monkey website, Monday 14th August, 5pm.