Seeking medical advice during the coronavirus pandemic

West Essex CCG is urging residents to contact their GP if they need medical advice.

While everyone is being asked to stay at home and social distance to reduce the spread of coronavirus, it is important people continue to seek medical assistance if they are concerned about specific symptoms relating to cancer, heart attack and stroke. It is also vital parents continue to take their children for routine vaccinations and pregnant women keep their antenatal appointments with their midwife.

Support continues to be available for adults and children experiencing mental health issues and for parents and carers of those with learning disabilities and autism.

For urgent or emergency care, people are being urged to visit NHS 111 online, call 111 or dial 999 in an emergency.

Rob Gerlis, Chair of West Essex CCG, said: “It is vital that people who are ill or are worried about certain symptoms seek help. They can visit 111 online, call 111 or dial 999 in emergency.

“People may be directed to their GP who will arrange to speak to them and if need be, or organise a face-to-face appointment.

“We are here to make sure patients receive the care and treatment they need, when they need it and the last thing we would want is our patients to be diagnosed with a serious illness because they were worried about seeing their GP at this time. Patients can be reassured that GPs can assess them on the phone or via video but if necessary, have measures in place to see them safely.

“This message is also important for pregnant women and parents with young children who may be coming up to the time for their routine vaccinations. These vaccinations protect against some serious and deadly illnesses so we would encourage parents to keep those appointments.”

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