Corporate Governance

NHS West Essex CCG invests in good corporate governance, and believes that compliance with the core standards of governance is the fundamental base for a strong, effective and efficient organisation.  As such, there are a number of controls in place to support the CCG in achieving its business purpose and its Strategic Objectives. 

Policies and Key Documents– the CCG has a number of policies and key documents in place to support staff, service users, patients, carers and our local community. Those which may be of interest to the public have been made available in our folder policies folder

Business Code of Conduct

Managing Conflicts of Interest – the CCG has a Managing Conflicts of Interest Policy in place, which was developed in line with the NHS England Guidance on Managing Conflicts of Interest (published June 2017).  The CCG believes in being honest and transparent and as such, will upload on an annual basis the Register of Interests for all decision makers, as defined within the policy. The CCG Gifts and Hospitality Register will be uploaded bi-monthly. 

NHS West Essex CCG Constitution

Our constitution outlines the principles by which we work and the rules and processes we follow.

Hertfordshire and West Essex Integrated Care Board (ICB) Constitution

View the Hertfordshire and West Essex ICB Constitution.