Our Principles and Values

Our vision: Working together for a healthy west Essex

  • Putting quality first - Patient safety, clinical effectiveness, improved clinical outcomes and care for people as people
  • Significantly shifting the point of care – the right care is provided at the right time and in the right place
  • Integration between health and social care as a key enabler for delivery
  • Connected transition of care and support between professionals and organisation
  • Provision built around and responsive to the different needs of our communities and localities
  • Maximise productivity and efficiency where appropriate
  • Allow individuals to take responsibility for their own health and retain independence where appropriate

Our organisational values

  • Patient-centred at our core – be committed to ensuring that patients are at the forefront of every decision
  • Collaborative - work in partnership with patients, carers, members of the public practices, partners and providers
  • Innovative –be courageous and ambitious in how we commission services: taking risks and challenging “the norm” and striving for continuous improvement through learning and reflection
  • Dedicated to quality – commission evidence-based and outcome-focused services which are safe, clinically effective and tailored to local people
  • Clinically led and locally focused - putting clinical thinking at the root of what we do and responding to the different needs of our communities
  • Honesty and respect - work openly and professionally with local people and collaborators, to build mutual trust and understanding and to be accountable for the decisions we make
  • Empowering individuals – value every employee; support individual development to achieve full potential; encourage contributions and challenges and recognise individuals efforts

Our individual values and behaviour 

  • A ‘can do’ attitude - embrace problem solving and work to find solutions; never sit on a comment or suggestion if I think I hold the solutions
  • Communication is everyone’s business - always communicate clearly (internally and externally) and embed effective communication into every aspect of my work
  • Team working - flexible working within and across formal teams to achieve shared organisational goals, recognising individuals contributions and skills to deliver joint aims and objectives Flexible and helpful – proactively adapt and respond to challenges, both large and small, individual and organisational, to find solutions, helping colleagues, promoting and sharing skills to the benefit of the organisation