Care Support

What are care and support services?

Care and support services, also known as social care services, help people who are in need of practical support because of illness, disability, old age or a low income.
Care and support services could include having a personal assistant to help you around the home, structural changes to help you move around or manage in your house, flat or bungalow, or even an alarm system so that you can call for help if you have a fall.
Social care services are available to everyone, regardless of their background. However, social care is subject to rules about your needs and ability. Services can also support the families or carers of people who receive social care.

How can social care help older people?

Most local authorities will have a social care team devoted to older people. These teams can provide support that enables older people to remain living independently in their own home.
The local authority's team for older people will also be able to guide you through the options available if you are no longer able to live at home independently – for instance, by moving to sheltered accommodation, extra care housing, or care and nursing homes.

Finding a care home

Care Homes in west Essex are all privately owned, and are regulated by the Care Quality Commission which sets out the national standards they must adhere to.

  • Residents in west Essex can be:
  • Funded – or partly funded – by the local authority
  • Funded by NHS West Essex CCG Continuing Healthcare (or your local CCG, depending on where you live)
    There are several different types of care home, however, broadly speaking these can be divided into two groups:
  • Those that offer accommodation and help with personal care including activities such as washing, dressing and going to the toilet
  • Those that provide the above services as well as nursing care
    The care home that is right for you, or the individual you care for, will depend on any specific health and care needs you or they may have. In addition to those above, some care homes also offer specialist care for people with dementia and other long-term conditions or illnesses. All care homes must make it clear what level of care they provide and how they will meet each resident’s health and care needs.