Information for Health and Social Care Staff

These pages are designed for health and social care staff, involved in assessing or caring for people who may be eligible for continuing healthcare. It provides links to tools and guidance documents, to assist with this work.  All of these documents should be used in the context of the National Framework for Continuing Healthcare and you can link to a copy.

REFR0124 9184

Further information

Appeals: Anyone who has been assessed for continuing healthcare or funded nursing care and disagrees with the outcome has the right to appeal. NHS West Essex CCG operates an appeals procedure in line with the National Framework requirements. If it is initially decided that you are not eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare but later on this decision is changed so that it is found you are eligible your care costs for the period between the original and revised decision should be reimbursed. Refunds for delays in NHS Continuing Healthcare funding. A decision should normally be made around eligibility within 28 days of getting a checklist completed or request for full assessment, unless there are circumstances beyond its control. If NHS west Essex CCG decides you are eligible but takes longer than 28 days to decide this and the delay is found to be unjustified, the CCG may refund any care costs from the 29th day.

Resources for staff to help explain Continuing Healthcare to patients and families: 
Explaining the CHC process prompt card
Explaining the CHC process to the public guidelines for practitioner